Home occupational therapists are most often needed in instances where a person needs assistance in handling the activities of their day to day lives. This way, the person in need is given the required training and in most of the cases, the therapy will start from perceptual motor training. However, in other cases, the patients might require neuro-developmental sensory training. We at Home Care RN pride ourselves for delivering the best occupational therapy to our patients. With a team of certified and highly qualified staff, we make sure that our patients get the best service possible so that they can overcome their problems in no time.

Home Health Occupational Therapy

Training Provided In Occupational Therapy

If a person requires the use of an assistive or an orthotic device as a result of undergoing some experience, we at Home Care RN will provide the necessary training so that our patient can understand how they can comfortably make use of such devices. Another common service that we can provide our patients is splinting, depending on patient needs.

Additionally, there might be certain modifications that need to be made in the home of patients. Figuring these modifications out is not an easy task and can leave a family overwhelmed. Our occupational therapists will make sure that all of the stress is taken out of the process by providing sufficient expertise and knowledge in the area.

Two other important services provided by our occupational therapists include diversional activities and body mechanics training. These training methods will teach patients how to conserve their energy through breathing techniques as well as exercises. Additionally, muscle re-education will be another focal point of this therapy. Work simplification is another topic that we focus on.

Aspects Included In Our Occupational therapy Services

  • Training for assistive device
  • Task simplification and energy conservation techniques
  • Recommendations for home modification
  • Evaluation for home safety
  • Training in the daily living activities

After we have determined the exact requirements of our patients, we recommend all the training techniques that we would be using to make sure that we bring about a drastic improvement in their lives. We believe that occupational therapy is a great way to enhance the overall quality of life of a person.