We at Home Care RN have the best resources when it comes to medical social workers. Our workers are highly educated and experienced in the field, thereby making them great candidates for offering quality assistance to those in need.

Medicare Home Health

What Our Medical Social Workers Can Provide

Our medical social workers provide valuable and great services for homebound patients. Apart from providing the relevant assistance, our workers also help in educating the workers on how they can best utilize their resources to improve their lives drastically. Many people have to undergo certain struggles such as relying on long term care, losing one or more of their abilities, having thoughts of dying, or struggling with medical bills. In all of these situations, it is always good to have a helping hand of an expert.

Our medical social worker will start their work by carrying out a comprehensive assessment covering emotional and social well being of a patient. Based on this assessment, their mental health will be analyzed and a therapy or treatment plan will then be recommended based on their needs.

This professional assessment is great at determining whether a patient will have the means of coping with home recovery or not. It will also help in understanding whether a person is struggling with any grief or depression or not. Social workers will then be able to offer short term counseling based on what a patient needs.

Other than a professional assessment, we also offer community placement and resource planning through our medical social workers. Since our workers have had immense experience working with homebound patients, they will be able to provide the best care and support to the families and their patients.

We are aware how much having such assistance by your side at the time of need can prevent so much confusion and stress. And we are extremely confident that by providing the benefits of assisted living, specific recommendations, certified family home, as well as a skilled nursing facility, the patient and their family can rest completely at ease.

What Our Service Entails

  • Assistance with completion of documentations
  • Assistance with placement if it is required
  • Community resource planning
  • Short term counseling
  • Emotional, social, and financial assessment